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CLICK HERE FOR SPEAK AND LEAD APPLICATION: 2018 Times and date: TBD. Lunch will be provided. 


OCA Sacramento will be implementing a 6-week public speaking program called Speak & Lead with Pride focused on developing the oral communication skills of high school students. The program aims to strengthen the confidence of participants, with the ultimate goal of building each student’s leadership potential. The program is anticipated to kick-off  at the Public Safety Center located on 5770 Freeport Boulevard, Sacramento, CA. Each workshop will be 3 hours long from 9-12PM occurring every Saturday until August 14, 2016. 


  • Students will learn when and why speeches are given.

  • Students will learn how to research, cite, organization and deliver a speech with audio/visual aids.

  • Students will learn techniques on how to reduce nervousness, use transitions, and communicate their body language and gestures appropriately during a speech. 

Target Participants: 

​The Speak & Lead with Pride program will be looking for Asian Pacific Islander American high school students who want to develop their oral communication skills and learn how to speak in a public setting. Students must commit to attending all 6 workshops, participate in all class lectures and activities, and be prepared by reading the required sections of text, submitting a completed outline of the speech, and giving the speech during the designated time slot.

Target Volunteers: 

​The Speak & Lead with Pride program will be soliciting for facilitators, guest speakers, judges, and volunteers who have background in public speaking, communication, leadership, and advocacy experiences. Any persons who specialize in any of the specific topics listed in the “Lecture” and/or “Speech” sections of the Curriculum Calendar are encourages to volunteer for this program. Volunteer facilitators will work with the program coordinator on the curriculum and facilitating the workshops. Volunteer guest speakers will teach a specific topic. General volunteers will work with students to refine their speeches, refer resources, and/or help structure their outlines. Volunteer judges will judge the student speakers based on a grading rubric provided by the program.

For more information and application, contact

Nai Saechao at or Linda Ng at

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