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  • To advocate for social justice, equal opportunity and fair treatment.

  • To promote civic participation, education and leadership.

  • To advance coalitions and community building.

  • To foster cultural heritage.

  • OCA advocates the importance of voter registration and participation in the political process.

  • OCA is a non partisan organization that does not endorse one political party over another or give support to individual political candidates.

  • OCA takes no collective position on the politics of any foreign country, but instead focuses on the welfare and civil rights of Chinese Americans and Asian Pacific Americans in the United States.

Who We Are

OCA represents Asian Pacific American Advocates, a national organization dedicated to advancing the social, political and economic well-being of Asian Pacific Islander Americans in the United States. 


OCA National, founded in 1973 is the only national Chinese American based, multi-cultural organization headquartered in Washington D.C. The presence in Washington D.C. allows OCA to effectively monitor legislation and policy issues that impact our community. Today, there are 14 other national Asian Pacific American organizations in our nation’s capitol with which OCA has built a strong alliance.

General Information

Alliance with Sacramento Regional Coalition for Tolerance. 
Conduct series of Youth and Community Hate Crimes Awareness Forums.
Demonstrate support and solidarity for numerous diverse community organizations.
Support state and federal resolutions and bills.

Hosted Legislative Day Reception at the Capitol.
Promote API voter registration and education. 
Promoted Census 2010 and played lead role of Sacramento API Census Committee. 
Hosted OCA 2007 and 2017 National Convention. 

OCA embraces diversity with Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, South Asian, Korean, Russian, African American, Hispanic, Jewish, LGBTQ, Muslim, Sikh, Vietnamese, Hmong, Lao, Mien, and many more diverse organizations.
Advocate building and strengthen partnerships and coalitions with all APIA and community organizations that share OCA's mission.

Participate in the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. March. 

Lunar New Year Senior Luncheon to honor APIA community seniors.
Advisory seat on the Locke Community Advisory Committee.
OCA Sacramento sends delegates to participate in the JACL/OCA Leadership Summit in Washington DC.

Partnership with My Sister's House on domestic violence and human trafficking forums.

Support My Sister's House Fun Run. 

Support Russian-Speaking Community Partners Capitol Reception.

Partnership with Vietnamese American Community of Sacramento (VACOS) and Greater Sacramento Vietnamese American Chamber of Commerce (GSVACC) on Tet Festival. 

Support Indus Valley American Chamber of Commerce on several of their events.

Participate in the Outstanding Filipino Youth Awards Ceremony

Partnership with Wells Fargo for student scholarships/Dragon Boat Student Youth Essay Contest.

Partnership with Comcast for Speak and Lead Program.

Partnership with AT&T and California State University, Sacramento on career readiness course.

Partnership with OCA National and UPS on Mentoring Asian American Professionals (MAAP). 

Partnership with OCA National, State Farm, UC Davis, and Southwest Airlines on APIA-U leadership training. 

Partnership with OCA National, State Farm, Pleasant Grove High School, and Southwest Airlines on APA Y-Advocate Training. 
Support OCA National Summer Internship and scholarship programs in Washington D.C.

OCA Business Advisory Council sponsors Business Expo.
OCA Business Advisory Council established in 2007.
OCA Business Advisory Council sponsor seminars/workshops for the APIA community with focus on economic and business issues.

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