OCA Sacramento

OCA Sacramento represents Asian Pacific American Advocates a national organization dedicated to advancing the social, political and economic well-being of Asian Pacific Islander Americans in the United States. 



OCA Sacramento has long celebrated this traditional holiday, also known as the Double Fifth (fifth day of the 5th lunar month) which has been deeply rooted in Chinese culture.  The festival is a time to reflect on the importance of loyalty and commitment to the community. We offer community a time to celebrate our heritage and honor distinguished community leaders.  The program includes scholarship and essay writing contest awards to children and youth. Each year, we encourage our next generation to express their thoughts and ideas in their own creative writing.


OCA Sacramento in partnership with Mayor Darrell Steinberg , (formerly State Senate President pro Tem)  founded the Sacramento Regional Coalition for Tolerance in November 2010.  The coalition brings together community leaders from civil rights and social justice groups, multicultural chambers, interfaith, educators, legislators, and lawmakers to collaborate on hate crimes and bullying by maintaining open lines of communications, sharing resources, in addition to outreach and education to communities.

OCA SACRAMENTO - Asian Pacific American Advocates

Embracing the Hopes and Aspirations of Asian Pacific Americans

P.O. Box 221306
Sacramento, CA 95822-8306

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