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APIA-U is an interactive college leadership training program that assembles students from each region of the United States and focuses on self-awareness, team building and direct action organizing.


Participants will be asked to challenge themselves, share their experiences, and develop leadership tools in order to effectively serve as catalysts for change.

This year, APIA-U at Sacramento State will be held as a series of virtual events throughout the Fall Semester and will also integrate broader campus-wide events including the September 29th University Convocation: Advancing Our Commitment to Anti-Racism and the October 5th-9th Sacramento State Voter Education Week.

For more information and registration please email Dr. Tim Fong:

Schedule of Events

Date             Time                        Program Activity  

Mon, 8/31    10:00-11:50 am       Week of Welcome: Intro 

Wed, 9/2      10:00-11:50 am       Week of Welcome: Cheers and Fears  

Fri, 9/11       10:00-11:50 am        Student Leadership/Alumni Panel 

Fri, 9/18       10:00-11:50 am        Scholarship Forum
                                                             Partnership with Sacramento State Financial Aid & APIA Scholars   

Fri, 9/25       10:00-11:50 am        Personal and Political Empowerment

                                                             Guest Speaker: Evan Low

Tue, 9/29                                      University Convocation: Advancing Our                                                                                        Commitment to Anti-Racism 

                     1:00-1:30 pm           University Welcome 

                     1:35-2:30 pm           Keynote Speaker: How to Be an Antiracist with                                                                            author Ibram Kendi

                     2:35-3:30 pm           Workshops
                     3:35-4:30 pm           Workshops 

Fri, 10/2       10:00-11:50 am       APIA Identity Series: Personal and Social Identity

Week of 10/5                               Sac State Voter Education Week 
                                                            Special campus-wide programming on voter education                                                                                throughout the week!

Fri, 10/9       10:00-11:50 am       APIA Identity Series: Asian American Studies                                                                               Movement 

Fri, 10/16     10:00-11:50 am       APIA Identity Series: Current APIA Activism 

Fri, 11/6       10:00-11:50 am       COVID-19 and Anti-Asian Sentiment

Fri, 11/20     10:00-11:50 am       Telling Your Own Story 

Fri, 12/11     10:00-11:50 am       Fall Celebration

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